Dr. Stephen Galloza is a professionally trained and experienced psychotherapist. He brings you an integration of his knowledge and experience to address your physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. He is committed to bring you a very unique perspective to help you discover and define the real you. 

Dr. Galloza is very passionate about his calling to serve people. He has committed 16 years of learning and research in the field of mental health counseling.  In 2007, he became a mental health counselor while simultaneously serving as a police officer because he we was committed to serving his brother and sister officers and their families in times of need. When he retired after a serious injury in the line-of-duty, he became a Licensed Pastoral Counselor (LPC). His desire was to integrate his experience as a Pastor with his growing knowledge of the clinical counseling field.

Dr. Galloza has also served in many different pastoral roles while working as a police officer from youth pastor to associate pastoral positions in various different Protestant churches. In 2015, Dr. Galloza entered the

Today, he serves as the Executive Director of The Deeper Journey, Inc., a nonprofit ministry dedicated to restoring God's precious people. His education in the clinical counseling and pastoral counseling field is extensive. He received his Doctorate in Clinical Pastoral Counseling from The Evangelical Episcopal University and Theological Seminary; a Master's degree from Liberty University in Professional Counseling; and a prestigious Post Graduate Certificate in Clinical Mental Health from Johns Hopkins University. He received his Bachelor's degree in Counseling Psychology from Regent University; a Bachelor's Degree in Theology from Vision Bible Institute; and an Associate's degree from Seminole State University in Business Administration, Marketing, and Management. After serving four years in the United States Coast Guard in his young adult years, he joined the Montgomery County Police department in the State of Maryland as a police officer. In 2012, he retired as a Police Corporal after being injured in the line-of-duty. Today, he passionately and joyfully serves the Body of Christ by equipping them for the work of restoring God's people.